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Don’t miss this concert presentation of Colleen Murphy’s new play about the Battle on the Plains of Abraham / Bataille des Plaines d’Abraham in 1759. Featuring 19 bilingual actors playing 33 parts and 12 life size animals created by Sudbury artist, Suzanne McCrae, directed by Brian Dooley.

For full details, visit geographyoffire.ca.

18 MAY 2019 at 2pm


An initiative by STC in partnership with Pat the Dog Theatre Creation, The PlayMine will offer audiences a rare opportunity to participate in the creation of a new play. During the 2018.2019 season, three Northern playwrights will see their scripts developed, culminating in staged readings with live audiences. These raw and exciting readings of the scripts-in-progress will take place in Steve’s Encore at STC, followed by intimate conversations with the playwrights.

Tickets will be available at the door and admission will be by donation.

8 NOV 2018 at 7pm


by Jesse Brady

Jesse Brady was born and (mostly) raised in Sudbury, moved away for 14 years, and then moved back. Writing since he was 15,Jesse was a freelance writer and journalist for about a decade and worked in media relations in Ottawa until finding his way back to the North. He currently has several projects in various stages of completion that he hopes to show you one day. Jesse is supported in his endeavours by his wife Colleen and his two awesome children Madeleine and Nicholas.

Manifestos is an off-beat comedy about love lost and revolution. During the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010, Theo’s apartment is raided by his ex-girlfriend Kristen and her ragtag group of activists, turned bank-robbers. With riots raging and police hot on their trail, the cracks begin to show in the revolution, while Theo’s feelings for Kristen are rekindled. Manifestos is a satire for our modern age.

25 JAN 2019 at 7pm


by Cora Eckert

Cora Eckert is a born-and-raised Sudburian but has never adjusted to the cold. Eckert is an advocate, actor, and playwright. Her most recent written works include the community interactive The Letters Project, spoken word piece How to Be a Good Bisexual, and co-authoring the play #thewatertower (2016, STC). She has previously worked with Pat The Dog Theatre Creation on Conception and the public play reading of Aftercare.

In Conception, we follow three different storylines; a young woman who comes to visit her single mother, heavily pregnant with a child that isn’t her own; a man and woman struggling with the concept of sperm donation and male sterility; and, finally, a lesbian couple whose friend and sperm donor sues for custody of the resulting child.  An exploration of the possibilities of what a family can be and how it can come to exist in an age where third-party reproductive technology can challenge the idea of a straightforward “nuclear family”.

5 APR 2019 at 7pm


by Mansel Robinson

Mansel Robinson has had a dozen plays produced across the country, including several in Sudbury: Deux (Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, Théâtre de la Vieille 17); Trains Fantômes (Théâtre Triangle Vital); and Slague (Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario). All three plays were translated by Jean Marc Dalpé. As well, Muskeg & Money premiered at North Road Theatre in 2013. Among other awards, Mansel was short-listed for the prestigious Siminovitch Prize for Playwriting in 2011. A long-time resident of Saskatchewan, he now lives in his hometown of Chapleau, with actor and novelist, Pam Bustin.

Three women navigating our chaotic times: a working-class grandmother, Ma, and her two teen-aged granddaughters, Emma and Charlotte. Using monologue, song and direct address, Churn is the story of a troubled young musician drifting dangerously close to suicide and the cousin who is trying to save her life. Hoping to divert Charlotte from her nihilistic trajectory, Emma has come up with a wacky but heartfelt plan of attack: a world-wide pilgrimage to sites of hope and heroism. But now, they have gone missing… and Ma is working overtime to understand and avert this family crisis.