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Golden Grain Bakery
Greater Sudbury Police Service
Quality Inn & Conference Centre
Reg Wilkinson Men’s Fine Clothes & Ms W’s Ladies Wear
Sentia Hair Salon
Sudbury Steam Cleaners


Lexington Hotel by Vantage

STC has several rewarding sponsorship categories that offer a host of comprehensive recognition benefits.


This partnership spans the entire length of the respective production and offers 75 complimentary tickets. You will benefit from custom marketing opportunities, and receive tickets for client/staff appreciation while supporting a community based not-for-profit organization. The STC is an excellent arena to gain recognition as being a cultural supporter in your community.


In this category you receive an opportunity to host an exclusive event at STC for your organization. You are invited to use the entire STC facility as a customer appreciation event, a fundraising initiative or for any other event you may have.


This is a unique opportunity to share a memorable evening with a group of 50 special people. Show your appreciation to staff or clients by treating them to an evening of professional, live theatre.


Advertising in STC production programs allows you to cost effectively reach a specific target market. Take advantage of these unique marketing strategies and receive subscriptions and tickets to STC productions.

Contact Katherine Smith, Director of Operations and Production, at 705 674 8381 x23 or to discuss rates and placement opportunities.

Download the advertising specifications guidelines here.


The arts are for everyone, and to ensure their survival, we need everyone’s support. Explore the options below and call us at 705 674 8381 for more information or to discuss how you can help maintain live professional theatre in our community.



Linda Cartier
Jean Jensen
The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury
Ralph + Debra McIntosh
Richard + Martina Perras

$500 – $999

Gerry Copeman
Ginette Eckert
Raymond + Ursula Gay
Jane Kruzel
John Lindsay Family Fund
Sudbury Arts Council

$250 – $499

Pioneer Construction
Gwenythe Crosdale
Don MacDonell  + Carole Chamberland
Fisher Wavy Inc.

$100 – $249

Anna Maria Barsanti
Larry Blake
Barry + Sue Bowerman
Charles Bolduc
Noella Cheaney
Ted Conroy
Ed + Ruth Debicki
Chris Dixon
Winston Yvonne Hardacre
Mary Ellen Langlois
Barb Leblanc
John + Karen Luczak
Judith Niesing
Kevin O’Connor
Mark Palumbo
Cindy Pisaric
Bob Roy
Bob + Carol Sargeant
Emilio Simeoni
Charles + Diane Trenka
Dan White
Mait + Shirley Wilson
Theatre New Brunswick

$25 – $99

Helga Adler-Leblanc
Audrey Anderson
Maureen Anderson
Linda Berger
Meri-Lynn Butler
Bev Chapman
Genevieve Chaput
Rosemarie Forbes
Carol Germa
Helen Ghent
Marg Ghent
Chasse Gibeault
Krista Greku
Kathi Irwin
Rob Jones
Jewel Kelly
Liz Lagrandeur
Pascal Lavergne-Giroux
Agostino Lavorato
Sarah Leach
Valiant Lee
Steve Mahaffy
Eric Majalahti
Anne Malnachuk
Joan Malnachuk
Louise Malnachuk
Glen + Pat Maltby
Ron Monk
Patricia Morria
Elizabeth O’Neill
Katherine Poitras-Hucal
Janna Ramsay Best
Irma Sarlin

Maureen Anderson Memorial Fund

Maureen Anderson, a longtime arts advocate and patron of Sudbury Theatre Centre, passed away September 11, 2017. We extend our sincere condolences to all whose lives she touched, and our appreciation to those of whom made a donation to STC in her memory.

Audrey Anderson
Elaine Birmingham
Charles Bolduc
Susan Bruce
Elaine Carlyle
Phyllis A. Carter
Gerry Copeman
Jim + Wendy Elliott
Mary Faris
Carol Germa
Kay Hamilton
Heini Heinonen-Kari
T.D. Jones
Shelley Martel
Norman + Marjorie Martin
Marymount School of Nursing Alumnae
Bill + Marian McKnight
Nichole Mueller
Mary Ellen Pascal
Robin + Isobel Patchett
Marlene Pentilla
Kevin + Laurie Reed
Paul Reid
Bertilla Rodriguez
Donald + Ruth Runions
Katie Schell-Arrowsmith
Bob + MJ Scott
Ann Symington
Debbie Szymanski
Norma Timmermans
Linda Vassear
Freda Wilson
Katherine Young


Thank you to everyone who contributed to Love Your Theatre month.

Special thanks to Charm Diamond Centres (three-piece diamond set), the Dellelce family (Wolves box seats), Journal Printing (posters), 50 Carleton (creative), Sudbury Secondary School students (buttons), Downtown Sudbury (distribution) and Sheila Proulx (cookies).

The winners of the draw were: Glen Maltby (STC subscriptions), Ginette Eckert (diamonds) and Howard + Mary Wideman (Wolves box seats).

Diane Abols
Advantage Physiotherapy
Gayle Akerman
Brenda Alemany
Jessica Amero
Jillian Ashick
Sharon Baiden
Constance Barbeau
Eric Belanger
Mike Belanger
Brenda Benedict
Richard Benedict
Thomas Benian
Carlo Berardi
Linda Berger
M. J. Bergeron
John Bilani
Bruce Birtwistle
Carmen Birtwistle
Charles Bolduc
Brenda Bouchard
Eric Bouchard
Suzanne Bourque
Barry + Sue Bowerman
Sharon Brazeau
Lorraine Breault
Jayne Brindle
Jay Brogden
Diane Brown
Keith Brown
Sam Brown
Sue Brunelle
Anna Burke
Barry Burtnyk
Jocelyn Butler
Pat Byrnes
Marzia Cahill
Kathleen Callaghan
Arthemise Camirand-Peterson
Veronica Campeau
Linda Cartier
Helen Chanfat
Kevin Chanfat
Bev Chapman
Marc Chartrand
Dawn Chew
Mario Ciccone
Peter Cirelli
Colette Conlon-Cresswell
Paul Cope
Gerry Copeman
Michael Corelli
Margaret-Ann Cormier
Irene Costantini
Marisa Costanzo
David Courtemanche
Philippe Cousineau
Nicole Coutu
Dawn Cranston
Shirley Cranston
Joanna Cummings
Cynthia Czigarenko
Steve Dale
Peter Davies
Leanne Daypuk
Ed + Ruth Debicki
Shelley Deeth
Pat Delyea
Derek Demers
Carin DeSimone

Raymond Desjardins
Sandra Desjardins
Alice Desormeaux
Leslie Dickson
Gary Disalle
Jody Donivan
Mary Jo + Art Dowdall
Tricia Dowdall-Cirelli
Shannon Dowdall-Smith
Bob Dubois
Lise Dugas
Christopher Duhaime
Andrea Dumas
Sue Dzimidowicz
Ginette Eckert
Paul Elzinga
Jean Ethier
Maurice + Carol Falcioni
Nancy Fallat
David Fasciano
Steve Fava
Evelyn Fillier
Bill + Rose Fitzgerald
Charlie Fouriezos
Suzanne Francisco
Madeleine Franson
Marie Gagnon
Sue + Pierre Gagnon
Sylvie Gaskin
Gil Gasparini
Jim + Nancy Gerhart
Carol Germa
Helen Ghent
Brian Gilchrist
Vicki Gilhula
Donna Gordon
Jim Gordon
Art Graham
George Graham
Rita Grandchamp
Mini Gregorini
Rob Gregorini
Rod Groulx
Janet Guay
Linda Guitard
Judith + Doug Hallman
Natalie Hamilton
Anne Harris
Amanda Harte
Lov Hayden
Heini Heinonen-Kari
Bonnie Henderson
Dorothy Henderson
Lana Henderson
William Henderson
Jan Heppner
Paul Heyming
Erin Hurd
Marilyn Hurst
Diane Ikonen
Colette Ilnitski
Kathi Irwin
Nadine Janecek
Greg Jennings
Brian Johnson
Max Kasper
Jewel Kelly
Pat Kindrachuk
Elizabeth King
Bill Kingerski
Roxanne Kneer

Ken Knoll
Brian + Ann Koivu
Fiona Kolybaba
Irene Koren
Peter Korhonen
Anna Liisa Kovala
Tom Kovala
Mary Kozak
Della Krieger
Hugh Kruzel
Cindy Kuhlberg
Eila Kyrzakos
Suzanne Labbe
Ron + Marie-Paule Labelle
Natalie Labranche
Karen Lacasse
Carla Lacelle
Cathy Lafantasie
Raymonde Lafortune
Lisa Laframboise
Jeanny Lafrance
Cindy Lamarche
Laurie Lamothe
Marcel Lamothe
Dan Lamoureux
Alain + Carol Landry
John Landry
Laurie Landry
Ghislaine Landry-Welsh
Kenneth Langille
Sue Langille
Donna Rose Langlois
Mary Ellen Langlois
Cynthia Laprairie
Liane Laquerre
Lawrence Latendre
Lorie Lavallee
Karin Lawrence
Tammy Leblond
Monique + Marc Leclair
Shelley Leclair
Leonard Lecompte
Linda Lefebvre
Glenn Legault
Leah Lepage
Bob Lesk
Monica Levesque
Carol Levola
Diane Levola
Dorothy Lewis
Grant + Kathy Lewis
Klaudia Linklafa
John + Karen Luczak
Karen Luoma
Maureen Luoma
Trish Lyle
Carlotta Lyons
Glen + Pat Maltby
Melissa Martell
Joey Martin
Susan Martin
Robert Masih
Celina Mawtler
John McGarry
Marian McGuire
John McHenry
Deb McIntosh
Anita McLean
Denise Menard
Monique Mercier
Maija Miellnen

Denise Miron
Grace Morin
Michelle Morin
Cathy Morrison
Louis + Maureen Moustgaard
Craig Moxam
Mike Moyle
Mardi Mumford
Paulette Nadon
Sharon Neeley
Blaine + Lise Nicholls
Judith Niesing
Stephanie Nikkolai
Catherine Nolin
Patricia Nurmi
Pat O’Hearn
Carolyn Otto
Paulette Pagnutti
Ida Palifroni
Mark Palumbo
Chelsea Papineau
Amadeo Parissenti
Sherry Parolin
Patricia Park
Lorraine Patrick
Lance Patrie
Melanie Patrie
Helen Paupst
Martina Perras
Richard Perras
Lucie Perreault
April Perrin
Giselle Perrin
Brenda Petryna
Jean-Serge Pharand
Leanne Pinylo
Cindy Pisaric
Robert + Rita Plourde
Paula Portelance
Diane Primeau
Vera Primorac
Marie-Pierre Proulx
Carly Pulkkinen
Anne Quesnelle
Dorothy Racicot
Frank Racicot
Laura Ratcliffe
KC Rautiainen
Donna Reasbeck
Sonia Reda
Jean-Guy Rivard
Henri Robillard
Debbie Robinson
Stacey Roles
Susan Romanko
Renée Ross
J Roszell
Don + Catherine Rousell
Cathy Rovinelli
Mario Rovinelli
Barb Roy
Jeannine Roy
Karen Ruff
Don Runions
Julie Ryan
Irene Sacchetto
Jean Salidas
Kathryn Salidas
Bob Sarjeant
Alice Sauve
Audrey Scott

Lynne Sevean
Kelsey Shearer
Pat Shewring
Martin Shine
Carmen Shuparski
Romana Siegel
Frances Simeoni
Bev Singer
Sandra Siren
Al Sizer
Jeff Smith
Katherine Smith
Rosemary Smith
Joseph Snofl
Catherine Somerville
Jeff Spurrell
Roger St. George
Wayne St. George
Henriette St. Louis
Elizabeth Storie
Greg + Kathleen Stott
Bill Straughan
Judi Straughan
Kelly Straughan
Sudbury Paint and Framing Co. Ltd.
Sylvia Carpenter
Neil + Susan Tarlton
Elizabeth + Philip Taylor
Shirley Taylor
Joan + Don Teddy
Nicole Teddy
Mickey Teed
Stan Terava
Pauline Therrien
Pat Thomson
Whalen Timothy
Deborah Tincombe
Wayne Toner
Guy Touchette
Cora Turcott
Tracey Urso
Michael + Leslie Vagnini
Sue Vaillancourt
Kelly Vallier
Lesley Vanclieaf
Tanis Vanwallegham
Frankie Vitone
Brian Vogt
Lori Wall
Jeanne Warwick-Conroy
Riita White
Howard + Mary Wideman
Sabrina Wiebes
James + Jocelyn Willan
Colin Williams
Peter Williams
Freda Wilson
Mark Wilson
Jesse Winters
Rick Wise
Joanne Wright
Terry Wurster
Faye Wyszynski
George + Ella Young
Kathy Young
Therese Young
Peter Zalan

In our 2013.14 season the STC auditorium received a “seatlift”… all brand-new seats… and they all need names! You can sponsor a seat for yourself, your organization, as a gift, or to honour the memory of a loved one.


All seats are affixed with a permanent metal plaque commemorating your generous donation. You also receive your choice of seat selection (subject to availability), and an official receipt for tax purposes.

Sponsoring an STC seat is more than a show of support for all the great artistic and educational programs we offer. It’s a gift that will be appreciated and honoured for years to come. You will also be contributing directly to the comfort and enjoyment of our patrons.


Visit the DiBrina Box Office at 170 Shaughnessy Street (See Box Office Hours )

Call us at 705 674 8381.

Click the button below to make your purchase. You will be taken to our online ticketing system which will ask you to buy a $250 ticket for “Take a Seat”.

DIRECTIONS The auditorium map will show which seats are available for purchase (indicated in dark gray). Make a note of which seat you would like to purchase (row and seat number). Select the row your seat is in from the drop down menu. The system will automatically select a seat for you from that row. This is NOT the seat you will be purchasing. Add the seat to your shopping cart and proceed with the order. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the order processing page. Under Additional Comments About Your Order, write the row and number of the seat you would like to purchase. Please do not forget this step! Click continue to finalize your purchase.

STC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.


Air Support Ltd.
Apollo Restaurant
In Loving Memory of Bela Aranyossy by his wife Martha
John & Francoise Arbuckle
Association of United Ukrainian Canadians Branch #40
Greg & Sally Babij
Sharon & Greg Baiden – In memory of B.B. “Ike” Goodfellow
Elizabeth Bamberger
Larry & Adrienne Banbury
Brigitte & Peter Beckett
Bob & Anne Bennett
In memory of Trudy Bennett by Mom, her sisters & brothers
Henry & Janna Best
Wendy Bird
Laurie Bissonette & Gilles Lebeau
Barry Bowerman
Sue Bowerman
David Browne
Holly & Chris Browne
Luciana Buchy
Dorothy Burt
Tom & Cathy Carr
John Carrey
Shelly Carrey
Linda Cartier
Carole Chamberland
In Loving Memory of Norman Chow
Norma Clumpus
Gerry Copeman & Charles Bolduc
In loving memory of Evelyn Crichton
Gwenythe Crosdale
In memory of Randolph & Ismena Crosdale
Alanna & Shannon D’Angelo
Nick & Diane Dellece
Alan den Otter
In loving memory of Frank De Simone
The Duckett Family
Equipment North Inc.
Bill Fex
Judi Fex
The Fortier Family
Carolyn Fouriezos
Charlie Fouriezos
Frank Fournier
Jeffrey Fuller
A Friend of STC
Cast & Crew of The Full Monty – May 2010
Joey Gagnon
Pierre (Pete) Gagnon
Sue Gagnon
Ursula Gay
Bob Ghent
In memory of David Ghent
Helen Ghent
Marg Ghent & Pat Thomson
Brian & Irene Gilchrist
Donna Gordon
Jim Gordon
Lynn Hall & Sherry Frizzell
Happiness Is Dancing – Dad’s Dance 2013
Morgan Hardy
William “Bill” Haynes
Mabel Elizabeth Haynes
Nicole & Charles Hazen
David & Sheryn Healey
Matthew Heiti
Jim Hinds
Mary Lue Hinds
Larry & Kirsti Hunt
Collette & Dennis Ilnitski
The Irwin Girls
Marja & Bernt Ivarsson
Cathy Jakelski
Klaus Jakelski
Helen Juvonen & Tyler Seguin
William Kaufman Inc.
David Kechnie
Margaret Kechine
David Kilgour
KiSS105.3 Today’s Best Music
Dorthy Klein
Brian & Ann Koivu
Gary & Barb Koop
Dr. & Mrs. Kusnierczyk
Aino & Risto Laamanen
Guy Labine
Gilles Lachapelle, Jem Mart
Waide & Lise Lambert
Bobby Lamoureux
Marc Langlois
Mary Ellen Langlois
Pierre & Darlene Leclerc
Mary Jane & Jack Lediett
Brian & Sue Lepage
John and Karen Luczak
Donald J. MacDonell
Ian Maclennan
Joan Malnachuk
Glen & Pat Maltby
Frank & Santina Marasco
Michelle Marcoux-Leuschen
Gary Marcuccio
Trish Marcuccio
Laurie Mathe & Judy Strato
McCullagh Hall Ltd.
Montana & Garett McCulloch
Sandy & Bruce McCulloch
In Loving Memory of Michael McDonald
William McKnight
Diane McLean
Carol McMurray
Dr. Albert Melanson
Jacqueline Melanson
Peter Michelutti
John & Eleanor Miliken
Shawna Miner
Brian Montgomery
In memory of Jean-Guy Morin
Chris & Candy Morrison
Mike Mulligan
Joanna Nanka-Bruce & Family
Judith Niesing
Joan & Karl Nurmi
Michael Park
Patricia Park
Louise & Lester Parr
Penguin Automated Systems, Inc.
Dale Pepin
Jeannine Pepin
George Pothitos
Lucy Przybysz
Q92 Sudbury’s Best Rock
In memory of Shirley Querney
Reliable Maintenance
Bob Remnant
In memory of Eunice Rexinger
Dedicated to Kim Rheault
Alma & Baxter Ricard
In loving memory of Raymond L. Rivet
Dennis & Peg Roberts
Rocvent Inc.
Roger Rose
Catherine Rousell
Donald Rousell
Catherine Anne Ruff
Robert & Carol Sarjeant
Eleanor Sarmatiuk
David Savoy
Oryst Sawchuk
Scotiabank Sudbury
Linda Segsworth
In memory of Roger P. Simon
Ward Skinner & Bernie Langlois
The Spa at 61 Elm
Morey Speigel
Sharon & Bob Sproule
Glenn & Joy Staskus & Family
Judy St-Jean
Mike Stinson
Sudbury Secondary School
Drama Department
The Sudbury Star
Glenn Thibeault M.P.
Thorne, Ernst & Whinney
Warna, Jack & Kimberly Timlock
Michelle Tonner
Ron & Penny Tough
For Trinity & Thea from
Glenn Thibeault M.P.
Greg Tremblay – From all your friends at Costco
Anne Venedam
Kathryn Volf
In loving memory of Nicolae Volf
Sara-Gaye Warren
Mary Weaver
Anita Weslake
Allison White
Reggie & Janet White
Colin Williams
Freda D. Wilson
Stephanie Wilson
David Wood
Y.E.S. Theatre
Henry Ybazeta-Best
Izabo Ybazeta-Best
Kathy Young

We’re always looking for eager and interested people of all ages to help us out with various tasks in and around STC. Anything from greeting patrons, to tending bar, to operating the coat check, to you name it… volunteers are welcome with open arms.

If you’d like to be a part of our team, download the volunteer information sheet, or call Front of House Manager, Roxanne Kneer, at 705 674 8381 x22 or for more information.



Lynda Bailey
Arleen Bell
Diane Brown
Lise Brown
Noreen Cahill
Elaine Dahl
Kieran Davie
Shelley Deeth
Gary Desabrais
Janet Drury
Bert Duckett
Lise Dugas
Chris Elzinga
Paula Elzinga
Claire Fournier
Hank Fournier
Mary Ann Fraser
Catherine Frost
Ashleigh Garrison
Maria Gordie
Catherine Harding
Pat Jackson-Sheridan
Wendy James

Barb Jennings
Greg Jennings
Jeanne Johnson
Alexsandra Kempson
Diane Laban
Vally LaFlamme
Channel Larocque
Jeanne Larocque
Mike Larose
Lorie Lavallee
Luc Lavallee
Sue Lavoie
Val MacMenemey
Susan Martin
Sharon McLay
Annette Meakes
Pauline Monahan
Theresa Muzzi
Deb Noel
Carolyn Otto
Paulette Pag
Diane Pare
Dick Perras

Kelly Perras
Martina Perras
John Poirier
Lucille Poirier
Lucy Przybyzs
Stephanie Rafuse
Cher Richer
Susie Henault Robinson
Brendan Sabelli
Cindy Samarin
Pat Shewring
Katherine Smith
Silvana St. Onge
Rain Thomas
Al Thompson
Larry Toner
Lucy Toner
Marg Toner
Randy Toner
Carol Vorwerk
Alison Witty
Anne Wurster
Terry Wurster