THE BIRDS AND THE BEES2019-03-13T19:32:47+00:00

11-21 APR 2019

Pay What You Can Matinée Saturday 13 APR at 2pm
Relaxed Performance Saturday 27 APR at 2pm


Gail, a retired empty-nester, has been quietly raising bees in solitude. Unexpectedly, her grown daughter Sarah returns home; it seems twenty years of artificially inseminating turkeys have taken a toll on Sarah’s love life, and she and her husband are through. As both women set about putting their lives back in order and reacquaint themselves with living under the same roof, they are visited by a strapping, young grad student who has come to study the declining bee population. Throw in a meddlesome neighbour, a little Internet dating, and a pair of tickets to the last-ever Turkey Days Dance, and love, lust and poultry come together in a raucously funny comedy with a huge, honeyed heart.