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hosted by KELLY PERRAS

The Sudbury Basin is rich mineral resources and has been the foundation of our existence for more than a century. But another valuable commodity here on the rock is the wealth of superbly talented people who bedazzle our cultural fabric. Join host Kelly Perras and some of Sudbury’s finest singer/songwriters in three amazing nights of song!

1 DEC 2018

John is a northern Ontario musician, singer-songwriter and recording artist, with more than a dozen self-produced albums. He has done everything from arranging for a barbershop quartet to playing in a Pink Floyd revue. You can find John’s music at johnnewlands.com.

2 FEB 2019

Kevin is a singer/songwriter and independent arts professional from Manitoulin Island. His songs have become as much a part of northern Ontario’s cultural landscape as jack pines and loons.

11 MAY 2019

Patrick is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who calls Manitoulin Island home. He has been making music since age 14, performing both original material and covers in touring bands.