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hosted by KELLY PERRAS

The Sudbury Basin is rich in mineral resources and has been the foundation of our existence for more than a century. But another valuable commodity here on the rock is the wealth of superbly talented people who bedazzle our cultural fabric. Join host Kelly Perras and some of Sudbury’s finest singer/songwriters in three amazing nights of song!

1 DEC 2018


John is a recording artist/songwriter/composer/singer and multi-instrumentalist who, since 1998, has released 14 albums and numerous singles. His songs deal primarily with environmentalism, social issues, and proletarian revolutionary politics. Teacher, record producer and engineer, John has done everything from playing in a Pink Floyd cover band to arranging for a barbershop quartet. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario. Discover his music at johnnewlands.com.

2 FEB 2019

Kevin is a singer/songwriter and independent arts professional from Manitoulin Island. His songs have become as much a part of northern Ontario’s cultural landscape as jack pines and loons.

11 MAY 2019

Patrick is a Sudbury musician, singer, songwriter, bandmate, collaborator. With too many bands and projects to list, Patrick may be best known as a member of the Elephant Band and the Townehouse Beatles Tribute.